vrijdag 26 februari 2010

We are blocking!!!

A whopping 19.200 stitches further then the last update the triangular shawl is done. The drops pattern turned out using more wool 1.05 skeins more and is very much larger then described. The larger is no problem, the more wool is no problem. Other then the 0.5 for just the binding off row is really annoying.

The result was awesome, having these kind of shawls on your circulars they become a crumpled heap on your lap where you cannot see what it turns into other then a few inches at a time. So taking this of your needles and looking at the whole thing in full is such a revelation. It is gorgeous!! The next step is my first time... blocking. My wife washed it and we have it currently pinned to the carpet in the attic. It will be dry in a little bit and then the loose ends need to be worked off and it is ready.... i am already in love with and seeing it on my wife makes the shawl look even better.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Soo completely gorgeous! And I love the colour you've chosen! I bet your wife will love wearing it, mine is as soft as a cloud, and really warm! I wear it almost every night right now as it is so cold, when I sit down to knit or watch TV. And I look forward to spring when I get to wear it instead of a jacket :)

  2. Oh my! I love it! I love even more that it's a gift for your wife- how wonderful! I wish my man would knit me beautiful pieces of art to wear!