woensdag 17 februari 2010

32 Tours to go

The last couple of days I have been doing my daily knitting. Working steadily forward on my drops triangular shawl. I have charted the shawl out in excel and I can now see the end of the pattern in my excel sheet from the row where I am at!!!

I am so happy until I counted how much to go... 32 tours... 16 right side...16 wrong side... that doenst sound much until i calculated how many stitches there are left. The shortest tour is 600 stitches which comes down to 19.5 thousand stitches left to do. I do 2 tours a day ... maybe 1 more on the weekned which means in 2 weeks I can start blocking this beast and see its real beauty.

At the moment it is all bunched up on my needles since the 180cm width somehow doesnt fit on my 80 cm needles...weird huh...so i cannot get a good view on how it looks. It hasn't bored me a single bit to knit it but i am also sooooo very anxious to get to the end result and block it so I can see it.

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  1. go leander go... it sounds a bit like a olympic game :) Like you i;m very curious how it looks after knitting and blocking... so hurry!!