dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Here goes....

I have been stuck at this point for a few days now. How do you start a blog. Well you goto the site and create an account, adjust some settings, choose a color etc etc.... and then.... well you have to start your first blog. That is the point where I have been stuck for the last few days. What do I write? How do you start? Most likely no one will read this first post anyways because no one knows yet that I am out here writing this to the whole wide world. So I just will start about the why and stuff like that.

The name, well I recently bought a new spinning wheel and been happily using it but in fact it would require a new leather between the treadle and the footman. In other words it squeaks. It makes a whole lot less noise then my previous wheel that rattled and squeaked and made all kinds of noises making anyting besides putting on your ipod possible. Right now I can spin and watch tv or have a conversation with my wife without having to yell.

What will be in this ? Well part of this blog I will use to keep track of my 101 list. A friend of my wife got me into this. You make a public list of a 101 things you would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. A nice little incentive to do things out of your comfort zone or give you that little extra push to get going on things you been putting off for too long.
Besides this I will keep anyone interested up to date on my spinning and knitting adventures as they happen. Esp as a male knitter and spinner you sometimes end up in situations and conversations you would never think possible.

This is one of the two wips I am working on atm. The pattern is called liquid silver and is a lace pattern that originally requires beads. I am not so good with beads yet so my beads are too small for my yarn, or my yarn is too fat for the beads whichever way you wanna look at it. So I decided to go without the beads to see what it will end up looking like.
The pattern is chosen to match the yarn I spun, it is a white alpaca fleece spun into a single unplied strand of yarn. I have about 700 meters total of this and will try to use most of this in this shawl. Singles will make it tricky to work with and I am deadly scared of breaking the yarn.

Well this is it for now, I will update often and hopefully I can become more active in taking pictures of my work and uploading them. And perhaps some people eventually will even read this.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi! I of course had to go check out your blog when you told me about it! It's so much fun to write a blog, and I bet you'll see that it becomes easier and easier with each post.

    I've been planning to learn how to spin for a while now to, but I haven't had the time yet! Maybe some day!

    / Jenny

  2. offcourse someone will read it... and you will get the hang of it soon enough... just keep bloggin!!

  3. Hi there! I'm reading! And I've subscribed to your blog- which means that I'll keep reading! I hope you'll post lots of pictures of your handspun!

  4. Hello! I'm also a member of Kate's lace KAL and I'm reading your blog. Its a great beginning, better than mine was. Welcome to the blogging world!

  5. Woooohoooo!!!!! "A friend of my wife" that's me!!!!!!!! Love the title! Looking forward to reading all your entries.

  6. Of course I'm gonna read your blog. First...Lace KAL buddies. Second, love blogs...especially about knitting. Third, guys who have hobbies traditionally seen as "ladies work" intrigue me to no end. Not because I think it's weird, but because I wish more guys could get over the "Dude!" factor and realize what a great creative outlet fiber crafts can be. I also read a blog by a Dad who is a quilter and does needle point. He makes lovely, love stuff as I'm sure you do as well...and I'm glad there is the blog to show it off. Happy knitting!