woensdag 10 februari 2010

A start and almost a finish

The past few days several things have happened. While watching the superbowl I wound up my zebrayarn into two centerpull balls. The first went fine but then the hank tangled up something terrible. And since you yourself know how much time and effort went into making it you better untangle it. Took me about 4 hours to wind up the second 200 meters of it but i got it done with minimal loss. Well it is two balls instead of 1 but that doesn't matter much.

I have not knitted a whole lot on my Liquid cream stole for the Lace KAL. I have finished the first repeat out of 14 but this project I only work on when I am working from home and since i had a bad case of RSI last year i have special software. This software measures how much i type and how fasts etc and introduces microbreak where you have to stop and once an hour aprox it gives you a mandatory break of 6-8 minutes. When I am in the office I got talk to someone or get a coffee but when I work from home and have all the necesities around me I pick up this project. As i can do 1 tour or sometimes 2 in this time period.

The main project I am currently working on is the Drops Triangular shawl. This beast is big ... I am on my 7th skein out of supposedly 8 but i have seen people who used as much as 10 (I have 2 extra ones just in case). I do this as much as I can but it is no in between thing as the tours are 550+ stitches each atm. I am at a third of the penultimate pattern and cannot wait till it is done. In another way it will be sad when it is done because I do like working on it.

Queued up is the Ishbel shawl made out of the zebra yarn with a white edge most likely. I love all these shawls so much I hope my wife can find an excuse to wear them. Otherwise I have to scale some down and make some for my daughters, I am very sure the youngest one would wear them every day if she can. She is already begging me to make her a zebra t-shirt out of hte zebra yarn... garments... mmmm.... not yet... not yet.....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I hate it when my yarn gets tangled up, this week i spend an whole afternoon and evening untangle some handdyed yarn...

    I'm looking forward to see drops triangular shawl finished!! You're wife is very lucky with suchs beautifull shawls!!

    Aaah a nice jumper for your daughter, like a in-between-project before you start on Ishbel!?

  2. You realize, of course, that I'm going to need a new wardrobe to wear with these shawls. I don't have anything that's appropriate to wear them over!

  3. And please make little D something with that zebra yarn before she hurts herself...