maandag 12 april 2010

Blog Award

This morning doing my usual rounds of the blogs I follow I find I have been passed a blog award by Jenny, wow blogging for only a little while this is very unexpected.

I am supposed to write about the 10 things in life that make me happy, which should not be all that difficult. I will try to put some pictures with it as no one really enjoys reading a long novel online without some pictures to spice it up.

So here goes 10 thing that make me happy (in no particular order) :

1. Danielle
I "met" her the first time online in 1992, we met first time in real life in 1999, got married in 2002 and been together ever since and spend every day together and I love her with all my heart and wouldn't know what to do without her.

2. Movies
Good movies make me really happy, though good movies are more and more rare these days but certain movies just make me so happy. I will devote a complete new post someday to my top 10 movielist and why they are on that list but we will leave that to another time and day.

3. My health
After having some big problems with health related issues in the past years I am happy for the things I can do (some with moderations) and happy I am still very much in decent health otherwise.

4. Formula 1
I have always been a big fan of this sport and more and more I learn about it the better it gets and the more I love it. The sound, the technical side of things. I know it is hard to understand but for me this is like what Take That used to be for young girls :P.

5. Friends
Though the amount of friends I have is very limited the few I do have are very much appreciated and are always there when I need them and same goes the other way around. I love the feeling there is no obligation at all. And we can not see each other for months and then when we do it still feels like that last time we saw each other was yesterday.

6. The Monkeys
Both my kids, they each bring on their own set of challenges and difficulties but also each are their own personality and completely different and it makes you see the world in a different light from time to time. They are always able to distract me from whatever it is i am doing. Wouldn't want the world without them.

7. Knitting
I love making things with my hands but I am totally not handy, so unlike the manly things to do as woodworking and metalworking which are totally not for me I have picked up knitting during my RSI period last year and it stuck. I like it so much that it has become somewhat of an addiction. The idea of making something very pretty with just a piece of string and some needles fascinates me. And I like it even more to make some really pretty things that I otherwise couldn't buy for my family. All these items and unique since they are made by me.

8. Spinning
A seperate thing from knitting as it is a totally different experience, it is not so much for the making of yarn that I love this as it is for the fact that it forces you to slow down. Spinning needs to happen at its own slow speed. If you try to go to fast the yarn will come out rough and hard, not good.
I love being busy with alpaca fleeces and making beautiful yarns from it which feed my other hobby cheaply.

9. Driving
I love driving, esp late at night in the dark in the rain. That is the best, I could drive for hours and hours like that. Weird but I guess that is me.

10. Music
"Music soothes even the savage beast", who doens't like music. The music I love is very diverse, from country (Garth Brooks, Lonestar etc) to death metal (In flames, Il Nino) and a ton of different varieties in between depending on the time of day and my mood. There is always a song somewhere to cheer me up.

And I will pass on this award to the following people (sorry i cannot make a whole 10 people :(, guess not blogging long enough yet).

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