maandag 22 februari 2010

LAK and the Birthday haul

I have been slowly but surely working on the Liquid Cream stole for the Lace-Knit-Along, and it is coming easier and easier as I am learning to work with selfspun singles better and better and I really like the look of the result so far. Because there is too much twist in it and these singles weren't fulled it is not as soft as it should be yet but that will come wiht washing after the stole is done being knitted.

Last friday was my 36th birthday and with finances not being great I didn't want anything big for my birthday but since the fleece I bought last year was almost all spun up and I really like spinning I wanted some more alpaca fibre.

After mailing around I found this place where we went on my birthday to look at some fleeces from last years shavings. I came home with 2 showfleeces and 1 "normal" fleece.

This is a lightbrown oh so soft fleece. It is very small only 400 grams and has already been washed and is drying now. The staples are fairly short but this is due to this being a cria fleece. The curls are still in the fleece.

After the cria fleece this dark chocolate brown fleece was also a showfleece last year. It is gorgeous with long staples and very little VM in it as well. It has since been washed and is currently drying. No final destination yet but the spin will be a 2 ply laceweight 20-25wpi aprox as I like spinning that kind of yarn. This fleece weighed 600 grams

Last but certainly not least this 2200 gram cinnamon brown fleece which is the big one, lots of part that will be tossed due to bad quality and some shorter staples but the parts that are good are so good it will be worth it. The washing of this one has to commence but will be done over the next few days / weeks as drying has to happen inside the shower room and we don't have a lot of space.
So while the heater is on as it is cold outside this is perfect but the weather is warming.

The person from the farm shown me their current year alpaca show fleeces and *Drool* they had a gorgeous black one I said I wanted to buy of them right away when the shows are over. The stallion they had it from they still have so might get also this years fleece from him and get two gorgeous deep black fleeces.

Well so far with the fleece p0rn, next time I will try to show my latest spun wool as I have 325 meters of 2ply natural alpaca drying atm which needs to be wound, 25 wpi, strong and very very soft.

PS apologies for the color of the pictures they all had to be taken with the flash as the weather here is horrible and doenst allow outside pictures at all but I did want a picture of the fleeces before washing and processing.

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous fleeces you got! And happy birthday! I'm going to be out of a job when March is over, and when I get that much free time I plan on learning how to spin properly. I got a lot of unspun wool for Christmas from my parents, so I have a lot to practice on!

    Good luck on spinning all of it, and I'm so pleased to hear that the stole is coming along!

    / Jenny

  2. that looks so beautifull, that will be so much fun to spin! That cria one, will be a bit harder to spin, but i'm sure you will manage! The large fleeces needs some work, but you have to do something for fun huh?

    wow i'm a bit curious how the deep black one looks like, when is that show?