donderdag 4 februari 2010

Ply, ply & ply

Tonight was not dedicated to knitting though some of that also happened but not much to speak of. I finally finished spinning the black alpaca roving I bought (and didnt really like to spin) and had already 100 grams of cream/natural alpaca singles waiting from the fleece i bought end of 2009.

So 2 bobbins, one black, one white.... plying them into a yarn of a nice thickness somewhere between fingering and lace, exactly where i wanted it to be.... and the color has been named by Delphine and has become : Zebra.
A 2 ply 100% alpaca in two colors. I love it and am far from done plying it. I think i am a quarted to a third done.

Irritating with my old spinning wheel is that it is working right and all but parts are missing two bobbins are ok and a third is missing the "lining" on the inside of the bobbin making it clatter around on the axle... making more noise then usual which kind of annoys me and trying to take on of hte other ones and sawing it in half didnt work out ... they are too old and now i am missing two.. have o find something to make it work to replace this.

For now i am going to do one tour on my drops triangular shawl.

Leaves me one thing to close wiht, a picture of the Zebra yarn

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, that plyed yarn is really gorgeous! I'll probably be out of work after March this year (which is actually kind of ok, I'm not that fond of my current employment anyway), and then I'm planning on learning to spin for real, both with a spindle and on a wheel. It looks like so much fun!

    Oh, and you MUST take some photos of the Drops shawl and show us, I'm dying of curiosity here! :)

    / Jenny

  2. Oh, I love the two colors plied together. What will you make with it?

  3. @Jenny, the drops shawl is very hard to take pictures of as i cannot spread it out when it is on the needles... patience till it is finsihed... it is on 80cm circulars and dont even know if i can finish it on those... they are full and have 400 out of the almost 800 stitches on them.

    @Turbotrut, thank you darling, I hope you will like what i make wiht it for you

    @Kate, I am thinking Ishbel. This wont be enough but this as the middle with a completely cream edge as i have 300gr of cream fibre left.