dinsdag 29 november 2011

Cat Mittens quick knit

As life goes on, the knitting goes on. I have been knitting shawls mostly as I just love the evolvement of a fleece into a thread on the spinning wheel and then from that thread into a bunch of "wet macaroni". Then when it is washed and shows its true colors it turns into a fantasticly beautiful object which can be worn by my gorgeous wife or sometimes by others.

Sometimes you just feel the need for something else. Recently I needed a new challenge.... a new thing to learn... well after lace and beaded lace what was there.... well two color knitting. Took a pattern and then took some left over handspun alpaca and whipped up some cat mittens in the space of 4 days. I was home sick a bit and all I could do was lay in bed and knit a bit, it went quite fast. The second was knit over the course of a weekend. In total it was knit in 30 hours or so.

After begin washed they look great and it is really not all that hard, will do it again. They are mighty warm and when the arctic winter hits or the next ice age comes they will keep the hands of my wife nice and warm.

Now onto more shawls, I have made 10 this year so far and for the ravelry group 11 in 2011 I need to knit just one more. I need to finish this Gwendolyn I am making from some red Drops Lace..... off to knit...