vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Rock Island

The Rock Island Shawl was a quick in between knit with some handspun natural/white alpaca wool in fingering weight. It was a pleasant and supereasy knit as it used 4.5 mm needles which feel like treetrunks compared to my preferred 3mm lace needles. It turned out quite nice and was knit for a person who been through some rough times last year and I felt they needed something nice to happen and this was my contribution to world happiness for the moment.

I have also spun up a first fleece from an alpaca in the color rosegrey, which will be knit into a Damask pattern shawl. It is beautifully soft. I got some project lined up I want to knit, In Dream in Drops Lace (soft, shiny and beautiful but still very cheap), and Galadriels Mirror (can you tell i love Susan Pandorfs patterns), but for this I am currently spinning up a 1st place winning fleece of CD Latino. Beautiful Fleece, white, soft, good crimp and good staple lenght. Will take a bit before I have enough to knit this but the other two can be knit first.

I am also working on a job for another evenstar, this time in white with some green beads, I love to knit this pattern the second time around even more. For me personally it completes it, a white and a black evenstar, even though the white one is already sold.
This will have to be finished before I can think of knitting anything else anyways.

1 opmerking:

  1. Wat heerlijk om iemand op deze manier te verrassen! Hoe troostend zal dit soort speciale aandacht zijn. Erg mooi gebreid weer!
    Mail je vanavond even over de alpaca. Ben verrast door de zachtheid!