dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Full Circle

Last year I made the evenstar shawl for my wife. A great pattern made from a gorgeous black alpaca fleece spun up in a light fingering weight. The shawl is beautiful even though i think the 5 lines of beads are too much and too sparkly a bit, hence the nickname the Discoshawl as it goes by now.

I did feel it wasn't complete, it was an "evil" evenstar and to bring balance to the universe and everything a light twin had to be created.

A coworker who had seen my work on facebook thought it was quite something and wanted something special for his wife's birthday which has not happened yet (she doesnt read this blog and it is separate from my facebook so I can post it already). He really liked the evenstar I showed him from Danielle.

Due to time constraints I could not spin wool for this shawl and give him the choice of color, the only spun up wool i had where i had enough quantity of was a natural / white alpaca. Hence the wish for the light twin was answered.

I worked on it and again due to time constraints did not want to put the 5 rows of beads on it (just the edging too 4 weeks the first time around). Now in a little over a month the evenstar was done, with a nice single row of green beads as an interesting edge to it. Not as much as the black one where the beads draw all the attention but enough to cause a nice extra sparkle around the edge.

I hope the receiver will be very happy with the end result and if possible I will post some pictures of her with the shawl here.

I also still have to take some pictures of the dark and light twins together one of the coming days.

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  1. I can't wait for Monica to see it. You did a beautiful job.