vrijdag 12 augustus 2011


This is the shawl I have knitted last month already, it seems that I am almost always one shawl behind on what I should be. Because this shawl is done, blocked and also worn already by my pretty wife.

The shawl was knitted from handspun rosegrey baby alpaca, 2 ply lace/fingering weight yarn. This was the last 700-800 meter of this wool. It is very soft and the color does not show in the pictures as it has pieces of silver and grey in the brown wool. Due to the fact it is a baby alpaca it is also extremely soft.

At this moment, the next shawl is already almost done, 4 more tours and the Morgain made from Drops Lace is done. That should appear here soon.

1 opmerking:

  1. It's a pity that the true colour doesn't show in photos, it's really lovely.