maandag 30 augustus 2010

Fleece to Shawl

What you see here is part of the fleece of CD Pebbles, a gorgeous fawn alpaca. I have bought this fleece earlier this year after this fleece took third place in the show. It was buttery soft on the skinside and a pleasure to spin. Total weight of the fleece was 600 gram and I have spun around 2700 meters in 2 ply from this fleece. It has ended up as this project, part of the citron shawl and will also be made into a shawlette.

Here are a few of the centerpull balls after the fleece has been spun.

A spool half filled with singles which have been plied into 2ply laceweight yarn since then.

A work in progress of the aeolian with the bead showing on top of the fleece from which it came.

The whole shawl which turned out way bigger then expected but it is beautiful. Around 3000 beads were used in the process of making it. Here it is layed out on the floor pinned and wet blocking it into shape. There was a lot of give in it while blocking so it ended up even bigger. I think about 15-20% bigger then the knit size.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wow hij is echt prachtig... zo'n mooie caramel kleur :) geweldig, van vacht tot sjaal... zeker met al die foto's erbij!!

  2. That is just beautiful!! Your spinning is wonderful and your knitting.. wow!