dinsdag 22 juni 2010

82.681 stitches later......

I have spun up three different alpaca fleeces. I had around 450 meters left of natural/white alpaca (alpaca is named AH Aguila). Then I have spun up some dark chocolate brown alpaca as well, i have used around 900 meters of this color (CD Contador) and last I have used a bit of a beige fleece (CD Pebbles) which is very buttery soft, thank goodness i have a lot left of this fleece and hopefully I can spin up enough of this fleece to make the aeolian.

To make a quick and big project I made the citron and have done 10 repeats on 3mm circular needles. It looks great and after wetblocking it it almost doubled in size and become so much softer.

Here some pictures :

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