vrijdag 26 maart 2010

Fleece P0rn

A lot has been going on but not much to show for. Spinningwise I am still chugging along through the cria-fleece. Delicious result, so soft and so beautiful all the little shades of beige to blonde in that fleece but such a nightmare to spin. I didn't have that many breaks in my yarn not even when i started spinning and i had not clue. But i am past the halfway point.
Plying is something I am dreading since there were so many breaks spinning i dunno if the plying will have breaks too.

Knitting wise I finished the Ishbel but it isn't washed and blocked yet so no photos yet. I hope perhaps after this weekend but I am looking towards and extremely busy weekend. It is race weekend (Formula1) so that is my greatest passion (after my wife)and i will be up early to watch qualification on saturday and race on sunday.

Saturday we are going to a bunch of agricultural places since it is a national open day at agriculture companies/farms etc. We always go and it always ends up to be such a surprise and great fun.

Sunday I am going to pick up some alpaca fleeces, from the people the last 3 came from. These are the show fleeces they used in the dutch international alpaca show last week.

I think there are 4 in total and here are some fleece p0rn pictures to make you all drool.

This is a white fleece of a very good stallion, only came in 4th but it looks deliciously soft and nice long staples. There is a lot of it too since he is a big boy too.

This is the most deepest natural dark black fleece i have seen, gorgeous and it didn't win first price for nothing... oh mine all mine :) This will end up to be something so gorgeous, I cannot wait to see what I can make with it for my wife or kids.

This is beautiful chocolate colored one that also took first price.

Next to these there is also a beige fleece that i think won 4th as well. So all of these are top of the line fleeces and will keep me spinning for the rest of the year. At least the next couple of weeks will be spend washing all the dust out of these fleeces.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your Ishbel. I'm in the middle of knitting one, but I stopped for a while and now I'm having trouble returning to it.